Nask n95 mask

Nask n95 mask is researched, designed & manufactured in Hong Kong. Its patented nanotechnology is what sets it apart from the current N95 brands. Nanotechnology allows for NASK to be: Very Thin and Light while maintaining Ultra High Filtration capabilities.

Out of 31 Nanofiber product manufacturers worldwide, Profit Royal Pharmaceutical Ltd. Is one of only 2 entities that can apply this Nanotechnology for mass production. Tested and verified by Nelsen labs, NASK SM-N9501 N95 NIOSH mask can kill over 99% of Bacteria within 5 minutes. Strong protection against germs, bacteria, and smog, suitable for medical, health care centers, and highly polluted environments.

The world’s only nanofiber sterilization mask brand is worthy of trust.

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