YICHITA n95 mask is one of CDC NIOSH certified N95 mask brands. As the manufacturer of YICHITA masks, Shanghai Yunqing Industrial Co., LTD. mainly focus on the development and production of disposable respirator and high-quality masks. Model YQD95, YQD8008, and YQD8008V have all passed the CDC International Respirator Assessment with more than 99% filter efficiency in November 2020.

Founded in 2014, as one of the leading face mask manufmanufacturersnghai Yunqing Industrial Co., LTD has grown into a modern production base with 6, 000 square meters and 100 professional employees. With the support of more than 12 automated and 20 semi-automated production lines, the daily capacity reaches 300, 000 pieces of masks.

Shanghai Yunqing produces a variety of high-quality masks, including anti-M2. 5 masks, NIOSH-approved masks in a cup or folding shape. Its masks have passed the certification of CDC NIOSH and Japan JIS DSI.

As our most important partner, YICHITA brand is trustworthy. For each YICHITA mask, we supplied are 100% authentic guarantee.