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N95 Dust Masks for Woodworking, Flooring, and Sanding

What happens If You Get Sawdust in Your Lungs?  Inside the lungs are microscopic air sacs, or alveoli. Inside the alveoli are special cells called macrophages that will push the dust particles back up to the throat. Eventually, you either swallow or spit out the dust. Long-term exposure or dust in large quantities will overwhelm […]

Can Coronavirus Omicron Variant N95 Masks With Niosh Approval?

When looking for N95 masks, you might want to consult the CCD’s N95 respirator checklist, which has been approved by NIOSH and will confirm the masks you’re considering have been examined and meet NIOSH requirements. If you have concerns about a certain mask, you may see if it is NIOSH-approved by looking at the N95. […]