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Best Duckbill N95 Mask

What is the duckbill N95 respirator? The duckbill n95 mask is also called the Pouch N95 mask. Named after its unique duckbill-style shape, the best duckbill masks are NIOSH-certified N95 masks said to offer better breathability, thanks to its flat breathing chamber, which protrudes away from the wearer’s nose and mouth. This “duckbill” or “pouch” […]

Nano Mask in Stock

In recent years, the application of nanomaterials technology in the field of health has received extensive attention. Nanomaterials have bactericidal and antiviral effects, even against drug-resistant bacteria. With the development of the new crown epidemic, people fully realize the important role of medical masks in epidemic prevention and control. In order to alleviate the shortage […]