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In recent years, the application of nanomaterials technology in the field of health has received extensive attention. Nanomaterials have bactericidal and antiviral effects, even against drug-resistant bacteria. With the development of the new crown epidemic, people fully realize the important role of medical masks in epidemic prevention and control. In order to alleviate the shortage of medical mask resources, it is proposed to replace traditional meltblown non-woven fabrics with nanomaterials as the middle layer of masks, and use the characteristics of nanomaterials to improve the original filtration method and improve the filtration efficiency and comfort of masks.

The sudden outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus has given us a new understanding of masks, one of the essential substances for epidemic prevention. Masks use the filtering and electrostatic adsorption of the middle layer to absorb viruses, bacteria and pathogenic particles. Therefore, masks play an important role in preventing respiratory infectious diseases. Applying nanotechnology to the production of masks, the new masks developed benefit from the characteristics of nanomaterials, which are thin and breathable as a whole, and the exhaled gas will not accumulate in the mask, which significantly improves the filtering efficiency and comfort of the mask. Compared with traditional meltblown non-woven fabrics, nanomaterials can be washed and reused with longer service life.

In recent years, the application of nanotechnology in the health industry such as mask production has made good progress. Some manufacturers have successfully developed a PTFE nano-mask membrane with a virus-killing effect using nanotechnology which can be used for mask production.

The application of nanotechnology in the mask industry can improve the protective performance of modern masks, prolong the filtration time, and alleviate the resource crisis of masks during an epidemic. The use of nanomaterials to physically intercept germs by their own pore size prevented the phenomenon of medical masks having to be discarded due to the elimination of static electricity from the charged layer. Nanomaterials can have dual killing effects on bacteria and viruses, and can actively kill pathogenic germs. The protective performance of its masks is much higher than that of modern medical masks. Because the nanofibers are extremely fine, the mask

The air permeability is greatly enhanced, and the phenomenon of sultry suffocation will not occur while improving physical filtration efficiency. Therefore, nano masks are also highly praised by users for their softness and comfort.

Nask Mask N95 SM-N9501 Nanofiber Smart Mask (NIOSH N95) SM-N9501 is first NIOSH N95 certified nanofiber respirator with 99% filtration efficiency. SM-N9501S for small size. SM-N9501M for medium size. SM-N9501L for large size.

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