The Best Masks for Large Face in 2022

Do you have the same trouble as me? I tried different masks but couldn’ t find one that suited me. Yes, I would say I have a very large head. The ones that look like they’ re marked “Large” don’ t fit me either. So I started to frantically buy different masks and test them, hoping to find something suitable for me and recommend others who have the same worries as me.

After I collected dozens of different masks, I tested and compared them from the following aspects and selected a few masks that I thought were the best.

1. Check whether it is CDC NIOSH or FDA certified?
2. Check whether the test report of the mask is higher than 95% filtering efficiency.
3. Adjustable nose clip or not?
4. Adjustable loops or not?
5. Proper fit or not?
6. Is it comfortable or not?

After comparison, I listed some masks I thought good as below.

Respokare N95 Masks RK-200-3042A

What We Like
3 sizes for options. I ordered medium and large sizes both. Medium size fits for my wife. And the large size is good for me.
NIOSH approved
FDA cleared as Anti-virus mask
Offers up to 95% filtering efficiency
Easy to use and convenient with individual package
Blue color

What We Don’ t Like
A little smell from the special layer for virus killing. But it will disappear after some hours.

AOK 20180016 N95 Respirator
for good comfort and sealed fit

Woksif branded KN95 mask with fashion look

What we like
Earloop for comfortable wearing
Fashion look with blue or pink color
FDA registered supplier
In large size
Individually wrapped

To sum up, if you are not sure which size fits you. We suggest you try more till you find the most fitted mask for you.

Original price was: $4.99.Current price is: $1.99.

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