Covid News: Biden to Extend Mask Mandate for Travel

Mandates to wear face masks are disappearing across the country, but Americans who fly, enter airports, or ride buses and trains and transit systems will have to wear them for another month.

The Biden administration plans to announce an extension of the mask order, which will remain in place until at least April 18. The mask order was set to expire on March 18.

The Biden administration reportedly decided to extend the mask rule on the recommendation of the CENTERS for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

A C.D.C. official told The Hill that any decision to lift The mask order would be based on “The extent of community transmission of COVID-19, The risk of new variants, national data, and The latest science.”

More than 90% of us population is currently at a low or intermediate level of COVID-19 transmission. Indoor face masks are no longer mandatory in these areas.

“We need to consider in masks not only the science related to transmission, but also the epidemiology and the frequency of variants of concern or concern that we might encounter in our travel corridors,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said March 2. She explained that the CDC has delayed lifting the mask ban on public transportation, but has allowed people to go without masks in movie theaters and sports venues.

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