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While they were in short supply during the first few days of the pandemic, face masks became easier to come by at stores and online; just be sure that the mask you get meets the standards advertised. While N95 respirators are best-in-class, you can still get levels of protection and fit with other methods of masks. When fitted correctly, N95 respirators filter out more particles than masks.

NIOSH recommends using these masks in the work setting, but importantly, it does not recommend face masks as replacements for N95s or other respirators. The general public is encouraged to use surgical masks or cloth face coverings in place of N95 masks for various reasons; the biggest one is to keep available supplies open for health care workers. While different types of respirator masks are available, with varying uses, N95 masks are most appropriate in the current context of protecting against Covid-19.

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The most specialized mask, known as N95 respirator, is said to be the gold standard of pandemic protection, more efficient than surgical masks. Honeywell has a number of safety masks, surgical masks, and N95 respirators, along with facemasks that are either valved or non-valved. They offer surgical masks for healthcare workers, as well as N95 respirator masks, both wholesale and retail.Instocking LLC has unique products such as the Flat Folding Mask, in addition to Respirators, Surgical Masks, N95 Masks, and Face Shields.

With an extensive selection of NIOSH-approved, top-quality N95 masks, Instocking LLC provides consistent availability across multiple supply chains. Instocking LLC is ready to supply U.S. buyers today with high-quality, reliable N95 mask supplies.

You will still want to check to see that your N95 Industrial Mask is one that is listed as approved by NIOSH, and will fit properly, tightly over your face. When shopping for N95 masks, you can look on the CDCs NIOSH-approved list of N95 respirators to make sure that the masks you are looking at were tested and conformed to the NIOSH regulations.

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NIOSH only regulates products that are intended for adults – so, although N95 masks may not be an option for your children, KN95 or KF94 protective masks designed for smaller faces or children are an alternative. Even with these measures, American hospitals are still concerned about the N95s they are getting — even as factories try to produce billions more.

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