The 3 Best N95 Mask for Environments Where Metal is Not Allowed

If you’re faced with working in an environment where you can’t use your typical metal-based N95 mask, there are still plenty of good options to keep yourself safe from airborne contaminants such as dust, mold, and other allergens. You don’t have to sacrifice safety for comfort or vice versa when looking for the best N95 mask for environments where metal is not allowed. Follow these tips to help you make an informed decision about which type of mask will work best in your situation so that you can be as protected as possible from airborne contaminants on the job site.
What is an N95 mask?
An N95 mask, or respirator mask, is a filtering face piece designed to protect from particles. They are often used in construction, transportation, healthcare and laboratories where there may be dust or chemicals that can cause respiratory problems. An N95 mask can also be used by first responders to prevent contamination by biological warfare agents and other substances. The number N refers to its ability to filter out at least 95% of airborne particles over a specific size range.
How does N95 mask work?
An N95 mask doesn’t look like much. It’s a thin strip of clear plastic, and it doesn’t even cover your whole face. But it can be a life-saver in environments where particulate levels are dangerously high, or if you have to venture into a construction site or other location that requires that you wear one. How does an N95 mask work? The short answer: by filtering out 95% of airborne particles. That might not sound like much, but when you consider that an average human hair is 100 microns wide—or 0.1 millimeters—you start to see how important those last 5% really are. Particles between 2.5 and 10 microns pose significant health risks because they can penetrate deep into your lungs and cause respiratory problems or worse. The way an N95 mask works is simple: it traps those tiny particles before they get anywhere near your mouth or nose.
What do the numbers mean?
First, let’s take a look at what those two numbers mean. A P100 mask is going to block more particles, but it also has a tighter seal than an N95 mask. This makes them great in environments where you need protection from extremely fine particles, such as some types of bioterrorism agents. However, they are much harder to breathe through and can cause fatigue after extended use due to their tight seal.
The Best N95 Mask for Environments Where Metal is Not Allowed
The CDC states that a respirator should fit over your face so there’s an airspace between your skin and the mask. A tight-fitting mask can make it difficult to breathe, which can actually cause you to inhale dangerous particulates. Respirators may come in both disposable and reusable models; however, most respirators purchased today are of disposable variety. These masks are composed of several different materials. Below we list  the best n95 mask for envoirments where metal is now allowed.
According to the CDC guideline, most cloth masks without metal components are proved to unuseless to protect us against the dust during working. A respirator has better filtration like N95 or KN95 masks, and if worn properly the whole time it is in use, can provide a higher level of protection than a cloth or procedural mask.
The metal composition of N95 masks mainly exists in two places. One is the staple. Some masks still use staples to link the headband to the mask section, such as the classic 3M 1860 surgical N95 mask. The second area is the nose bridge. In addition to the traditional aluminum bridge, we also need to carefully check the plastic bridge. Most plastic nose clips are plastic when viewed from the outside. But for better seal, the plastic nose clips will contain one or two pieces of metal wire inside. Therefore, these masks are not strictly applicable to non-metallic environments.
Uniair SH2550V N95 mask is n95-rated dust mask for industrial usage. To promote greater worker acceptance and increase wear time, SH2550V is designed with many features. The first one is the valve for easy breathing. A pre-shaped cup brings enough space to breathe also. The soft nose foam inside replaces the traditional adjustable nose clip which ensures a custom and secure seal and increases the worker’s comfort and acceptance. Continuous loop design is easy to on and off which also helps hang the mask around the neck when not in use. The patented buckle allows adjusting the length of the head strap for various facial sizes. No metal use is suitable for those environments where metal is not allowed.
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DD02V-N95-2 K Shigematsu N95 Mask is made in Japan. Approved by CDC NIOSH.  100% plastic nose clip and traditional welding technology allows the worker can use it in an environment where metal is not allowed.
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Shigematsu DD02-N95-2K is a NIOSH Certified disposable N95 mask that offers at least 95% filtration efficiency. It is manufactured by Shigematsu Works Co. Ltd. No metal is used. Suitable for those environments where metal is not allowed. It features a very soft material to wear and adjust the head loop to hang on the neck when not in use.
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