Yichita YQD95 Folding N95 Mask description

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Yichita YQD95 Folding N95 Mask: The Ultimate Solution for Health and Comfort


As the world grapples with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of proper respiratory protection has never been more crucial. Yichita YQD95 Folding N95 Mask is an ideal solution for those looking for a high-quality, affordable, and effective solution for protecting themselves and their loved ones from the virus. With its NIOSH-approved quality and features, this mask is designed to provide wearers with the most comfortable and effective filtering experience possible.

Features and Benefits:

Yichita YQD95 Folding N95 Mask is made from premium materials that ensure maximum comfort and breathability. Its double-layered filter bags are designed to capture airborne particles at the nanoscale, providing an impressive 95% filtering efficiency. This means that users can rest assured that even the tiniest particles of virus will be caught and eliminated.

The mask is designed for optimal comfort, with a soft and breathable material that is both lightweight and non-irritating. The memory-formed design ensures a custom fit for most face shapes, making it an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Yichita YQD95 Folding N95 Mask is also easy to use and clean. The double-layered filter bags can be simply removed, making the cleaning process quick and easy. And with its compact and portable design, users can take the mask with them anywhere and keep their peace of mind.


According to Dr. Sandra Clark, a dentist who has tried Yichita YQD95 Folding N95 Mask, ‘N95 masks should be the minimum standard for dental personnel in patient care for most dental procedures. YICHITA N95 masks are excellent quality N95 facial masks, NIOSH approved and good breathability, high filtration, good fit, fairly comfortable, and a high percentage of protection.’

Lowri Arellano, an Industrial ER professional, echoes this sentiment, stating, ‘An N95 respirator is respiratory protection equipment that is designed to provide a very close facial fit and highly effective airborne particles filtration. YICHITA N95 mask has all series N95 respiratory protection equipment including cup-shaped and Flat fold style N95.For industrial N95 face mask. YICHITA YQD8008 and YQD8008V would be the best choice for our industrial users, including food processing, food safety, general manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, construction, etc.’


Yichita YQD95 Folding N95 Mask is an essential tool for anyone looking to protect themselves and their loved ones from the COVID-19 pandemic. With its high-quality materials, effective filtering, and comfortable design, this mask is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient solution.

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