Are Wet Masks Less Effective?

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With the coming of summer, the weather begins to get hot. The face masks are found easy to get wet. Does a wet mask still work? If your mask is slightly wet, how do this wetness and humidity affect its performance? Fortunately, scientists have tested the effectiveness of wet masks.

Researchers tested the performance of a new and “wet” cloth mask, a surgical mask, or an N95 mask. After three hours, the DIY mask actually became slightly more effective. Wetness and humidity had basically no effect on the surgical mask. Wetness and humidity might have decreased effectiveness for the N95 mask, but the difference was small and could be in the margin of error.

So what can I do?

Stay in cool places. When it’s hot, you sweat! Your skin radiates heat and sweats, plus your breath is already humid. The moisture is created much faster than it can evaporate. So stay in the cool room, masks will be dry also.

Limit be outside where you need to wear a mask
After trying plenty of masks and still can’t meet your needs for dry, possibly you can consider staying in where you will not be required to wear the face masks.

Replace the masks with valve
Masks with valves can help vent hot air which greatly enhances the comfort during a long time wearing.

Switch to the plastic face shield
The safety face shield features high light transmission which is up to 99.8%, and it’s really fog resistant. It’s perfect for indoors and outdoors use to protect you to the greatest extent without eyesight matters.

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