Is It Safe to Remove Masks in School?

The CDC has given the OK to lift indoor mask mandates in much of the US, and a growing number of states no longer require face coverings in schools. But most experts agree that masks slow school spread of SARS-CoV-2, and whether now is the right time to allow teachers and students to unmask are a matter of debate.

Masks reduce both the risk of spreading and the likelihood of contracting COVID-19. Right now, the incidence of the disease is going down, but in a month and a half, it might go back up. We can’t give a definite answer whether there could be a new variant or not. There is just so much uncertainty, and what is right this week might not be right next week.

What should parents do if mask mandates in schools end?

Let’s our kids get fully vaccinated which is proven as one of the most effective ways of avoiding novel coronavirus infection.
Keep social distance per CDC suggestion.
Keep an eye out for Coronavirus updates at school
Prepare hand sanitizers for the children when outside and back home.

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